The Top 100 Films….

….according to some ABC Poll.

It’s good blog fodder and I like to go through and see how many I’ve seen…(in italics)

1. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy– (Blockbuster material, but worthy winner. Huge films!)
2. Amelie– (Probably the first of many films here that I am almost embarrassed not to have seen..)
3. Blade Runner– (A classic? Meh. I’m not into Sci Fi, unless it’s Star Wars)
4. The Shawshank Redemption – (This should be in the top 5 of anyones list. Excellent)
5. Donnie Darko – (VERY impressed to see this here. I love love love this movie. It’s on SBS tonight!)
6. Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope – (May not be best movie material, but it’s a tried and true classic for any generation. My son even likes it and he’s 3!)
7. Pulp Fiction – (This is my No.1. It changed me and my perception of movies. The best.)
8. The Princess Bride – (Yeah yeah…i thought every person my age had seen this too..)
9. Gone With The Wind – (Classic. Sure. Long winded? Definitely)
10. Fight Club – (Finchers classic. This movie blew me away when I saw it first)
11. The Sound of Music – (Yeah. I’m almost ashamed to admit it. I like this movie)
12. To Kill A Mockingbird – (Wasn’t this a book? Oh yeah…..)
13. 2001: A Space Odyssey – (Sci Fi? Meh. 2001 was so 1968)
14. Casablanca – (Love it. Should have been higher. I think I’m due to watch this again SOON)
15. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – (I have been sitting on this movie for months. I should watch it…)
16. American Beauty – (Yeah, it was ok, but never really saw the huge fascination here)
17. Doctor Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb – (Rowan will kill me. I still haven’t watched this the whole way through…)
18. Monty Python’s Life of Brian – (The Holy Grail is better, but this is great as well)
19. Lawrence Of Arabia – (Sandy and long. I’ll take Star Wars instead)
20. Apocalypse Now – (I should have seen this. I know I’ve seen bits of it, but not the whole lot)
21. Cinema Paradiso – (What the? No. 21? Why haven’t I heard of this?)
22. Doctor Zhivago – (For some reason I watched this when I was 10. I like the music)
23. The Matrix – (Oh yeah. Sure, Keanu can’t act, but it’s a great story and awesome effects.)
24. The Castle – (Ha! This movie seems to have soaked into the Aussie psyche. Very cool)
25. Singin’ in the Rain – (I think I watched this at my Grandmothers. It was very cute. I like the fake rain)
26. A Clockwork Orange – (Kubriks best. Freaks me out. But very very cool)
27. The Blues Brothers – (Awesome! Worthy of being here. Love the car chase through the mall)
28. Withnail and I – (Who and What?)
29. Life is Beautiful – (I thought the display at the Oscars was good, but yet to see this)
30. The Godfather – (Hell Yeah. I’ve got my wooden box set on order baby!)
31. Moulin Rouge – (Yeah yeah. I’ll see it one day)
32. Some Like it Hot – (Might have to watch this at someone else’s place…)
33. Lost in Translation – (I thought I’d seen this, but I think I fell asleep. It’s on my ToDo List!)
34. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest – (I hear Jack’s good in this. Maybe I’ll see it when I’m old)
35. Local Hero – (What?)
36. The Third Man – (Did old People vote for these?)
37. Brazil – (Saw this at school. Never quite got it. Who’s the bombadier?)
38. Serenity – (I am working through the series first (Firefly) Impressed it made it in the list)
39. Breakfast at Tiffany’s – (Old chick flick?)
40. A Room with a View – (Nope….)
41. The Rocky Horror Picture Show – (Yeah. Nice. Funky. Dancey. Rocking. Like it)
42. Dead Poets Society – (Ok. Here it is. I cried in this movie. There. I said it. I love it though)
43. Harold and Maude – (Harold? From Neighbours? What the?)
44. The Big Lebowski – (Embarassed not to have seen this yet. What the hell am I doing?)
45. The Wizard of Oz – (Kiddy favourite. I do like this. The witch freaked me out when I was little)
46. Out Of Africa – (Whatever..)
47. Picnic at Hanging Rock – (I know it’s Aussie, but just had no inclination)
48. The Usual Suspects – (This should be much higher. Fantastic stuff)
49. Cabaret – (A whole movie on it?)
50. Forrest Gump – (This movie is TRIPE. Absolute horse shit)
51. Monty Python and the Holy Grail – (Funniest shit out there. I love it. Embedded in our culture!)
52. The Piano – (Do I really want to see too much of Harvey Keitel?)
53. Pirates of the Carribbean – The Curse of the Black Pearl – (Highest Disney movie here! It was fun though. Depp is awesome)
54. Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back – (And I thought this was the best of the trilogy! It was for me)
55. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – (Speaking of Johnny Depp. He made this movie. Presuming we’re talking about the new one here)
56. The City of Lost Children – (Lost me…)
57. The African Queen – (Musical isn’t it?)
58. Love Actually – (Huh? This was good?)
59. Strictly Ballroom – (Wayyy too much dancing for my liking)
60. Wings of Desire – (Stretching it now. What is this movie??)
61. Raiders of the Lost Ark – (Aaaah yes. Back to the good ones. We want action!!)
62. Babette’s Feast – (Huh??)
63. The Fifth Element – (Ok. Chris Tucker was awesome, but top 100 material? Come on. Maybe just cause it was on TV the other night..)
64. Spirited Away – (It’s excellent! Weird. Trippy, but very cool)
65. Aliens – (Oh come on! Alien was better! But this was good too. Just more actiony, less suspensey)
66. It’s a Wonderful Life – (Yes. Yes it is.)
67. Napoleon Dynamite – (I must see this. I hear it’s a hoot)
68. Rear Window – (FINALLY some Hitchcock. Where’s ‘The Birds’? Love this stuff)
69. Romeo And Juliet – (Call me a girl, but I really liked this movie. Made me feel mushy)
70. Dirty Dancing – (Fuck. Are you serious?? Top 100 material? Jebus…)
71. Kill Bill: Vol. 1 – (Don’t get me started! Vol 1 and 2 should be TOGETHER. They were excellent, but they are ONE MOVIE)
72. The Good, The Bad and the Ugly – (Best Western I’ve seen. Dad would be proud)
73. Trainspotting – (Yay! Book was excellent too, but very hard to read. Never forget about diving into a toilet..)
74. Muriel’s Wedding – (Go on. Sue me. I’ve never seen it, so nerrr)
75. When Harry Met Sally – (But I love this movie. Call me a girl, I don’t care. Best chick flick EVA!)
76. The Great Escape – (I love all 3 hours of it! Makes me whistle)
77. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – (If you were born in the 70’s, you HAVE to love this movie. I do)
78. Gallipoli – (At least a good Aussie war movie made it. I don’t see Saving Private Ryan here! Suck!)
79. Lantana – (Ashamed I haven’t seen this yet. Must put it on list…)
80. Garden State – (LOVELOVELOVELOVE this movie. Zach Braff is going to be HUGE as a filmmaker)
81. Sin City – (Wow. Surprised this is here. Cinematically beautiful though, but graphically scary. Bruce Willis is cool)
82. Chariots of Fire – (Might have seen this. Might have not. Really don’t care though! Where’s Phar Lap?)
83. The English Patient – (Meh.)
84. This is Spinal Tap – (Hell Yeah! How do we get Dirty Dancing above this???)
85. Chocolat – (Again. The wonder of Depp. Cute movie)
86. Fargo – (William H Macy makes this movie. And the writing is good too :))
87. Look Both Ways – (How does this movie make it in above Goodfellas? Jeepers)
88. Goodfellas – (Masterful stuff. Love it)
89. Alien – (Well at least it made it, but this is the best Alien movie. Scared the shit out of me)
90. Grease – (So so so girly. But it’s fun)
91. All About Eve – (I haven’t seen very many old classics I guess….Who’s Eve?)
92. Citizen Kane – (Masterpiece. I watched this at Uni. I’m glad I did)
93. Stand By Me – (Makes you wish you were young and searching for deads bodies. Great Stuff)
94. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels – (Sweet! This movie rocked)
95. Mulholland Drive – (I want to see this. I liked Twin Peaks)
96. Back to the Future – (It’s a classic and it’s fun. I guess we liked it!)
97. High Fidelity – (John Cusack is a very good actor, and this is a nice movie. Would probably be in my top 100 too)
98. The Thin Red Line – (This was ok, but I can think of other better war movies. Where’s Platoon?)
99. Being John Malkovich – (Funny shit. I love this movie)
100. Dead Man – (You’d think I’d have seen this, being a fan of Johnny Depp and all. Must put on list…)

So there we go!

That took a little bit too much time, but it was fun.

And now, just to start with Top 10 Lists, here’s my Top 10 Movies: (that I can think of right now)

1. Pulp Fiction

2 – 10 (in no particular order)
Lord of the Rings Trilogy
When Harry Met Sally
Die Hard
Shawshank Redemption
Donnie Darko
Reservoir Dogs
The Usual Suspects
Garden State
The Dark Crystal


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