As loathe as I am to include any pictures of him on here…

Another series in the comical images of ‘Howard and Costello’

This one appeared on the front page of The Age website today.

In order from the top left and then across:

1. Costello – “I wonder if I could apply for a different job where I could be boss…..”
Howard – “I wonder if I can pass legislation on me getting fatter paycheck before Christmas…”

2. Costello – “Maybe if I wring his neck, no one will….oops”
Howard – “Hey Pete, not here. We play those games in private…”

3. Costello – “I didn’t mean it…mate…I was just…you know…bored back here.”
Howard – “Yeah….well…it’s ok. I forgive you. Just remember that sometimes we’re in public”

4. Costello – “He did it”
Howard – “Mummmmyyyyy!”

And because we all love this picture…

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