Dave Grohl……Yes. You rock.

He rocks and he knows it.

He knows how to work a crowd, and he knows how to play a guitar.

The Fooeys were awesome. I can now tick them off my list of bands that I have always wanted to see live.

There is a new No.1 on my list and that is System of a Down.

I’ve been in many intense moshes in my concert career, and the Fooeys were not the craziest. (See Velvet Revolver), but it was a long concert and there was lots of singing. (Remember to breathe when you sing, kids!) Especially in songs like ‘Monkey Wrench’, and ‘Stacked Actors’.

And it was during Stacked Actors, that Dave decided to go for a run around to the mixing desk of the Superdome and do a guitar solo in pure rock style with the spot-lights blasting down on him. He did a bit of a guitar duel with Chris Shiflett, and then they finished the song (10 minutes later!). ‘All my Life’ was their last song and by then, the crowd was well and truly spent. It went for just under 2 hours (like all good concerts should) and I don’t think anyone could have been disappointed.

Oh yeah, and if you’re in a mosh pit, don’t put your elbows up around peoples heads cause that really fucking hurts!

Also, the Kaiser Chiefs were excellent. They really go off live, so much so that the frontman lost his voice before the end of the 30-40 minutes set. Songs like ‘Na na na na na’, and ‘Oh my God’ really went off, even if his screaming was a little waivered and off-key! Worth checking out when they return to Australia!


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