Jay Kay. You’re not getting old are you??

Had a fun night last night.

I went and saw Jamiroquai, on almost a spur of the moment at the AIS Arena, just getting my ticket yesterday morning. It seems that their popularity has waned a little since their last visit in 2002. Their last time they were in Canberra, it was their only other gig, besides playing at the ‘Vibes on a Sunny Day’ tour, and in Sydney. That gig sold out quickly and I missed out on tickets.

So, I rocked up to the AIS Arena. I don’t think I have been there since I saw the Wiggles about 4 years ago. The crowd was fairly varied. Lots of clean-cut yuppy folk, but also your odd extravagant hat-wearing fans. I also saw some 50 somethings in the crowd trying to get down. Wonder if they could get back up…..:)

I only caught the last 2 songs from the support band, the ‘Sneaky Sound System’. A DJ, an MC and a vocalist. They didn’t really do much for me, but I didn’t really hear enough to judge them.

After they were done, the drum kit and percussion pit were unveiled and we all waited patiently for Jay kay and his band to come out. I was sitting up on the sides in some seats next to some friends when the band came out, and then Jay Kay with one of his many hats, strode out. They kicked right into ‘Canned Heat’, which would be one of their favourites.

After I was kicked out of the seats that I had ‘borrowed’, the floor looked like the place to be and seeing as though no-one was even standing up in the seats for a boogie, it was fun to get on the dancefloor and actually move around a bit.

The band was very tight, and Jay Kay threw out a few moves, but he seems to be slowing down a little. Not as much dancing from him as I expected.

They only played one song from their first album, ‘Emergency on Planet Earth’, which was ‘Revolution’. It was great to hear it live after playing that album regularly over the last 12 years, but I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t play more old stuff, especially ‘When you Gonna Learn’, or ‘Too Young to Die’.
They belted out the hits though, ‘Cosmic Girl’, ‘Lilttle L’, ‘Black Capricorn Days’. But there was no ‘Virtual Insanity’ surprisingly.

They really hit their straps with ‘Love Foolosophy’ and ‘Use the Force’. The crowd was really starting to warm up and dance, and then they went off (literally), after playing their latest single, ‘(Don’t) Give Hate a Chance’. (very funky!)

They came back for one more song, ‘Alright’, and then they bid Canberra goodnight.

They were good! Not spectacular, but good, and I had a fun night. I guess when a band has 6 albums and 60+ songs in their catalogue, you’re always going to get disappointed when your personal favourites aren’t played. But they did the crowd favourites and they played really really good.

Damn I wish I could play bass like him.

Anyway, next stop is The Foo Fighters in Sydney on Friday night!

I will be sore, sweaty and deaf after that one!


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