Capital Punishment….

No, this is not about Van Nguyen, this is about me and my potential future…..

I could be going from here….

to here….

Stay tuned!



But speaking of Van Nguyen.
Do we have capital punishment in this country?? NO!
Do the majority of Australians believe in capital punishment? I should fucking hope NOT!
For a drug crime, should we be killing traffickers? I mean, COME ON PEOPLE!

So then why do 59% of people in the Daily Telegraph yesterday (I know, I know…great paper that it is) “agree that the punishment that Nguyen Tuong Can is due to receive is his just reward?”


Fucking morons.

Don’t give me the ‘Well, he was in a country where the punishment is severe…..’ blah blah blah.

I asked an ex-colleague today this question. “Do you think that Nguyen deserves to be killed for his crime?”
All he could retort with was, “Well if he’s in a country where that is the penalty, that’s what happens ” But I asked if he thought he deserved to die. He gave me no answer to the question no matter how many times I asked.

I guess he fits into that 59%….


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