Want some fries with that?

You ever one of those days where it just feels like your brain is fried?
Where you can’t compute anything more in your head for the day?
Like the rechargeable batteries in your head have been exhausted?

I am at that point right now.
It’s 5.10pm. Probably home time, but I was hoping to rack up some extra hours for the week.
But I just can’t work any more. I can’t bring my head around Logical problems. I just need to slack off and blog without it looking like I am slacking off.

I know scientists say that we should stimulate our brains all the time because it will help us in old age, but sometimes I wonder if we use up our brain cells by thinking too much.

I know that my brain has done its fair share of thinking in the last year and it really does just need a rest. No wonder I’ve been getting so many headaches lately…

Praise the lords that I am heading to Mollymook on Sunday for a few days, and then scooting up the coast to the 2nd leg of the World Cup Qualifier in Sydney on Wednesday. My brain needs a rest. I need to just not think for days and see how I go.

Maybe things will be clearer after that.


Maybe not.

But Maybe.


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