Do you work? Do you need to live?

The $12 Million Dollar Work Choices campaign rolls along as Johnny and his league of cohorts continue to plough through the country like a Canberra Bushfire.

It’s scary shit. Even more scary than following Bush and Co. into a foreign land for oil. And scarier still than the possibility of being shot in the back when running away from ‘Terror Agents’.

We all work (yes…we do), and we all need money to survive.
The cost of living isn’t going to go down, but oh no Johnny doesn’t care. He’ll just reduce the wage bill for the nation and expect the same amount of output…

If you want to get fired up a little more, read this over at LoadedDog: Shitty Low-Paid Jobs for Everyone.

Maybe you care. Maybe you don’t. But this WILL effect you, and everyone you know eventually.


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