Would you have won a million?

So, the million bucks went off on ‘Millionaire’ last night.

I didn’t even watch it, but if you are wondering whether you could have done it, here’s the questions that he answered to get there.

(Hover your mouse over the question to see the correct answer)


Here are the questions Rob answered to win the million dollars. How would you have gone?

Level 1 for $100
A common feature of bedside clocks is the what button?
A: Snooze B: Snarl C: Snoop D: Panic

Level 2 for $200
Which of these is a common sight in the office?
A: Water buffalo B: Water spider C: Water cooler D: Water torture

Level 3 for $300
A cricketer hitting the ball over the boundary without it first touching the ground scores how many runs?
A: six B: five C: four D: three

Level 4 for $500
To be prudent only in dealing with small sums is to be penny-wise and pound-what?
A: Silly B: Buffoonish C: Foolish D: Puerile

Level 5 for $1000
Also the title of a well-known song is the film Sweet Home what?
A: Alaska B: Arkansas, C: Arizona D: Alabama

Level 6 for $2000
In which state or territory is Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo?

Level 7 for $4000
What was the name of former UK prime minister Margaret Thatcher’s husband?
A: Denis B: Danny C: Darcy D: Daryl

Level 8 for $8000
In electronics, what does IC typically stand for?
A: Insulated circuit B: Integrated circuit C: Inducted circuit D: Isolated circuit

Level 9 for $16,000
In which track event did Craig Mottram win Australia’s only medal at the 2005 World Athletics Championships?
A: 800m B: 1500m C: 5000m D: 10,000m

Level 10 for $32,000
Which anniversary of the Eureka Stockade was celebrated in 2004?
A: 150th B: 160th C: 170th D: 180th

Level 11 for $64,000
A 1991 novel by Alexandra Ripley, what is the sequel to Gone with the Wind?
A: Another Day B: Tara C: Rhett D: Scarlett

Level 12 for $125,000
Jarlsberg cheese is an original product of which country?
A: Germany B: Holland C: Norway D: Switzerland

Level 13 for $250,000
In the wild, which tiger is the biggest of the big cats?
A: Sumatran B: Siberian C: Bengal D: Bali

Level 14 for $500,000
Which Ivy League university awards the annual Pulitzer Prizes?
A: Columbia B: Harvard C: Princeton D: Yale

Level 15 for $1,000,000
Which of these popular 60s TV shows premiered first?
A: Bewitched B: Get Smart C: Hogan’s Heroes D: I Dream of Jeannie


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