Gym = Pain = New Muscles = Lethargy = Sweat = Sore Back Pocket

I’ve never been a member of a gym.

Well not past the complimentary 1 months memberships where I go twice and then couldn’t be buggered going again.

I want to join a gym. Not really sure why. I don’t really need to lose weight and I am not (too) weedy, but I have always thought being a member of a gym gives you some sort of freedom to go to a place any time and use it whichever way you want.

This also includes not going when you want to as well.

Basically I want to be fit though. Beyond the weekly game of indoor soccer, I don’t do much exercise (Ok, I ran a marathon, but that was like 6 months ago and I haven’t jogged further than to the bus-stop since then)

Thing is, gym are intimidating places. There seems to be 3 different sorts of people that go to gyms.

1. The Gym-Junkie.
These ones are obvious. They have big muscles, flat stomachs. Monogrammed towels and are flying along on each machine like they own it.
These are the ones that I feel like to scorn and scoff at the beginners and amateur gym types (like me).

2. The Gym-Tester
These people are like me. Everyday chicks and blokes who just want to do some exercise in their (restricted) time off in the pursuit that they can get rid of those beer bellies and love handles.
They probably come and go and don’t really have a regular schedule. More than likely just turning up when they remember they have a crap load of money coming out of their account each month to go to this place.

3. The Gym-Pervs
Usually blokes around 35-50 who go to gyms to look at the beautiful young people that they reckon they might have a chance with. They will sit on machines for half an hour sometimes, just so they can look at the cute 20 yr old instructor giving a 40 yr old women a lesson on the “Hip-Flexor” machine.
These are the guys that probably inspired the opening of ‘Fernwood‘. (Probably named Dick)

So, if I want to join a gym. Which one??
There seems to be a number around that are big, popular and well-resourced, but why should I pick one over the other?

I was leaning towards a new gym opening in Woden called Elite Physique. I thought it would be cool to be a member from the start of a brand new gym. Maybe get to know people and all that. They even have a full-size olympic boxing ring, and TV screens on all their cardio equipment. Funky.

But then I started to compare membership prices and discovered that CISAC (aka Club Lime), offer gym AND pool for less than the price of a membership at Elite.
Plus, they are closer to home. (is it better to have your gym closer to home or work?).

There’s also Bodyworks, who have 3 gyms in Canberra (wow, close to Work and Home) and even one in Batemans Bay, cause of cousre on my holiday I like to keep up with my program.

It’s confusing, but hey, I’m gonna do it.
Any suggestions for where I should go, and is there anyone who wants to dive into the proverbial gym-pool with me?

I hear it’s better to have someone you join with to keep you motivated to go!

Oh yeah, and is it work $73 a month (gym and pool at CISAC) to have something to do in my spare-time?


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