Burning the candle…

At the moment, every second weekend, I have a fairly big one, and I am starting to pay for it.

Friday night was excellent! Finally met up with the bloggers that I have been reading for a while and managed to down a few too many Blondes. As Mel has suggested, we should definitely make it a regular thing.

I realised, however, that once everyone had left, and my head was still blurry, that there is bugger-all to do for a 29 year old to do in Civic on a Friday night. I wandered around the nightclubs, rolled my eyes at the multiple pizza vendors, stuck my head into a few pubs (unable to find any friends) and gave up and went home.
I ended up talking to the cabbie about the ridiculousness of 19 yr old girls wearing singlets and skimpy outfits on a -2 degrees evening and the sorry state of the cricket….

..which takes me to Saturday night which was partaken in Sydney with an old friend of mine. We had some very nice Vietnamese in Crows Nest and strolled around with an ice-cream afterwards.
When we got back to his place we each had a nip of Jim Beams’ ‘Small Batch’. Now this stuff is potent. We had only small servings, but it must have taken us about an hour to get through it.
We moaned about the state of the Ashes and talked about all sorts of crap. It’s definitely good to catch up.

On Sunday, we went to the local train station at Woolstonecraft where there is a little cafe that serves crepes on occassional Sunday mornings. So we ordered our breakfast, sat on a blanket and ate our crepes and read the paper. The sun was beating down and for 9.30 in the morning it was getting damn warm. Makes me dislike Canberra winters even more cause we still have another month or more before we can be comfortable in the fact that winter is really gone..

Then I drove back to Canberra that morning, and was in a bit of a rush cause my Indoor Soccer semi-final was on that afternoon. I managed to get home with about 15 minutes to spare and that was just enough time to change and get in the car to get there.
We had a good win though in probably our best game of the season and now we play the final next Sunday to win the classy ‘Premiers’ jumper and jug of beer!

And today? I’m buggered. I’m sore. I’m sick. I decided to stay home from work cause my glands are swollen and sore. My throat feels like it has razor blades in it and the aches in my body are telling me to go and lie down (soooooon).

But there we go, I guess I’ve only got myself to blame….oh…and the crappy Australian batters..


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