Bring on the sun…

Not much urge to write lately, and I haven’t had much time at work, but I wanted to write about the counselling session the other day.

It went ok. No huge blinding lights, or ‘light bulb’ moments, but it went smoothly and I felt comfortable enough talking to the lady.
Most of the hour (or so) was taken up by me talking, which I guess is understandable being it was the first session. Maybe the more I talk, the more things will become clearer. I don’t know really. I felt like I have talked myself out with so many people that I really don’t know if telling one more person, even if they are a professional, will make any difference. But I remain optimistic that it will be a positive experience.

I have another appointment in 2 weeks….

Meanwhile, just 9 days till the next Blogger meetup. Will YOU be there?


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