Kids v Ashes

It’s Friday. Woo hoooooo.
And that means, Hellenic Club for lunch, slackness in the afternoon and footy + cricket tonight!
This weekend I will also be able to spend lots of time with the kids. Time to mould them!

Last night, it was (of course) the opening day of the Ashes Test Series. So after feeding the kids, I quickly bathed and dressed them and then talked it up:

“Hey! Who wants to watch the start of the cricket test match!”


“It’ll be great! Australia plays England! It’s called the Ashes! It only happens every 4 years in England!”

“Is that on the playstation?”

“No, no. It’s on TV! SBS got the right to show the test series because no other free-to-air channel wanted it!

*More silence*

Quick! It’s on in 5 minutes!”

*dress dress dress….and then drag to lounge room*

“Alright, here we go! The first ball. Are you excited??”

*silence and weird looks*

The first ball is bowled.

“Ooooh..nice first ball. What did you think of that??”

“Is Australia the team in the white?”

“They’re all white, sweetie, but Australia has the green helmets and are batting”

“Oooh ok, I’ll go for them”

“Good plan…”

The second ball is bowled and Justin Langer gets smacked on the elbow where a huge bruise starts to form

“Ouch! That’s a big bruise Dad!”

“Yeah…that’s what happens when you take your eye off the ball”

“When I play, I will watch the ball”

“Good girl.”

The boy was just lying on my lap and watching this. After the first over, I said that it was time for bed. He didn’t want to go.

That’s a good sign for a future test cricketer isn’t it?

Yes. His middle name was taken from my favourite Australian cricket……


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