What some more Heebie Jeebies, Miss Marina?

In response to Miss Marina’s comments regarding The System of a Down, I thought I would go looking for some photos that might back up her comments.

I have to admit that the first time I ever saw this band was the ‘Chop Suey’ video clip and my first impression was that they looked old, weird and somehow ‘fake’ as hard rockers.

Of course, 3 albums later, my opinion has now changed drastically and I realise that this is one talented bunch of musicians. The lyrics are powerful and the harmonies and melodies are addictive.

The lead singer is…

Serj Tankian.

Born in Lebanon, he’s 38 (oldest member of the band which probably gave me the ‘old’ impression) and he is, according to reports, obssessed with music and his house is completely set up to record and write. He rarely leaves his house and writes songs non-stop.

Which is why the band is releasing 3 albums within a year, including 2 in 2005.

He, along with;

Daron Malakian,

John Dolomayan and…

Shavo Odadmjian

make up a much of decent, friendly, hard-working musicians.

I have been listening to their latest album, ‘Mezmerize’ alot at the moment and there are certain lyrics that really show off their best work..


My cock is much bigger than yours
(My cock can walk right through the door)
With a feeling so pure
(It’s got you screaming back for)


Violent Pornography

It’s a violent pornography
Choking chicks and sodomy
The kinda shit you get on your TV

or from ‘Steal this Album!’

The bottom line is money, Nobody gives a fuck
4000 hungry children die per hour, from starvation,
while billions spent on bombs,
create death showers.

Every time you drop the bomb, You kill the god your child has born.

So, Marina, if this hasn’t opened your eyes to the wonderful world of ‘The System of a Down’, I don’t know what will.

But yeah…you’re right. They can give people the heebie jeebies…


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