I have neglected this blog lately.

Sorry about that.

I guess all us bloggers go through periods where the urge and motivation to write becomes so low that you just couldn’t be bothered.

I miss reading other blogs and have been out of the loop now for a few weeks.
Maybe it’s time for some heavy reading!

What’s been happening with me?

Lots of stuff. Stuff that I don’t know if I want to spill onto the blogger page just yet.

My head has been such a mess lately that I haven’t known which direction I’ve been facing.
I feel now that I have a direction and I know where I’m going, so I guess only time will tell how it works out….but I have a good feeling about it…..:)

I indeed to get back into blogging soon and hopefully there will be things in my life that inspire and spurn my creativity again..


About Mick

I've been around a while. I like to wrap myself around the warm security of the interwebs which have consumed me since 1993. I whinge, I rant, I crap on. Enjoy. View all posts by Mick

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