The 12 hour Sporting Rollercoaster…




What a win!
What a game!
What a team of freaking legends!

It was an amazing game this morning in the UEFA Champions League Final. TO come back from 3-0 down at half time to draw level and then win in penalties. Holy crap. It was just unbelievable.

Sure..I had a couple of beers already and it wasn’t even 8am! It is something that doesn’t happen very often!

The win this morning is the perfect antidote to the way I felt last night after the Blues went down in Origin I. It was a hopeless performance from NSW in the first half, but just like Liverpool this morning, the Blues came back in the second half to draw level.

Some bullshit penalties and a flukey-arse field goal saved the Maroons before Kimmorley threw a ‘do or die’ pass which will inevitably kill him as Matt Bowen plucked the ball out of the air to score the match-winner. Joey Johns will have to come in for Game II because not only is he the best halfback in the world, he can at least land a goal or two as well if needed.

Thus ends the rollercoaster for now….until Saturday night when the Eels take on the Sharks 🙂 Official Web Site


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