Open Letter to Ms. Nature

Dear Mother Nature,

Can we please have some rain now?
Like…it’s been nice have sun and that for a little while, but don’t you think that you’ve punished us enough yet?

We’ve learnt not to water the garden.
We’ve learnt to have short showers.
We’ve learnt not to have lush lawns.
We’ve learnt that we can’t take rain for granted.

So that’s enough already!


Even cats and dogs would be preferable to nothing at all.

I want to remember what it feels like to have rain on my skin again, and rain on the ground and rain on the roof.

If you rain a lot now, I promise that no-one will complain.

No more will weathermen and women say, “Looks like a lovely weekend with no rain”

They will say, “And look at the lovely weekend we have coming up with showers nonstop!”

We understand that you have taken it away from us for some reason, but please return it because we miss it lots and, well, we sorta need it to survive, along with all those lovely plants and animals that we also share this planet with.

You don’t want to harm the harmless little wabbits and koalas do you?

Think about it.

Your servants,


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