National significance? Moi?

Something funny arrived in my inbox this arvo.
Actually, it’s pretty High-larious!

It was from the National Library Australia – Digital Archiving Section.
Apparently they are enabling the “archiving and provision of long-term access to online Australian publications” and they are asking for permission for “electronic publications of lasting cultural value” to be included.

Something must have stuffed up in their computer, because they have sent this to me. My little tiny meaningless blog? Turn it up!!

I presume, however, that many many other meaningless blogs will get sent the same email over the next few weeks and months.

Mind you, it is pretty cool that somehow, somewhere, my blog has appeared in a search for Australian publications and has been deemed good enough (whatever that scale is!) to be included.

So, until you get your email from the Digital Archiving Section….

Ner-nee ner-nee nerrrrr. 🙂


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