Mick’s guide to The Hitchhiker’s Guide [NO Spoilers]

Last night I was lucky enough to see a preview screening of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.
I was interested in seeing it, but seeing as though I only go to the movies 4 or 5 times a year, I probably wasn’t going to spend money on seeing it.
As it turns out, my dear old Dad snaffled a couple of freebies through his work and he asked me to come along.

I remember the book when I was in high school. I think it was one of those books that I skim-read when I was young, and never really ‘got’ or read properly. But I am a big fan of Red Dwarf, (often said to be derived from THGTTG).

First things first. This movie is made by Disney, but still retains its pommy feel. This is an ‘English comedy’ movie despite the presence of American actors in lead roles. But let’s talk about these actors. Sam Rockwell as Zaphod was classic. He makes the role his own and gives it a great energy, as well as great fashion sense. Zooey Deschanel as Trillian is fantastic. I mean, she was just awesome. Not only is she sexy as hell, she plays the character to a ‘tea’. Alan Rickman plays Marvin the Robot, well his voice does at least, and he’s also a highlight of the film.

Then we come to Arthur Dent played by Martin Freeman (Tim from The Office). Sure, the role isn’t a stretch for him, and he doesn’t have to change costume at all (nice robe), but he does well for his first major movie role and is almost certain to get many more similar roles offered to him in the future.

The movie goes along at a fair clip. I was actually disappointed when I knew it was starting to wrap up as the 110 minutes seemed to go very fast. The imagery is awesome. The planet factory is fantastic. The visual effects are nothing that spectacular by todays standards, but the animations from the guide are funny as hell.
Jim Henson’s influence was noticed in some of the characters. The Vogon’s looked excellent.

So, very entertaining. Even for a non-fan like me. The real fans around me seemed to enjoy it judging by the applause at the end of the film.

So, Don’t Panic, Don’t forget your towel (as I have now learnt) and enjoy this film for what it is.


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