Weakdays are back.

There was a ‘Party in the Park’ near my place yesterday.

It seems that ACT Urban Services have a ’round town programme on where they have a family day in the park in various suburbs and there’s a live band, kids activities, a sausage sizzle and stuff. It was pretty good. The kids all got their face painted, we had a sausage and then kicked a ball around, played with a parachute thingy and those velcro ball and glove things.

There were a lot of people around from the neighbourhood. But we didn’t really socialise with any of them. It’s a shame really. There were so many kids there, and so many families, but there was very little interactivity between us all anyway. It was nice to get outside and do something though. It seems that the kids are always watching TV, playing the computer, playstation or gameboy and not actually ever getting outside.

Maybe I should just lock them out there….give them no choice 🙂

In other news, I might be in a band again soon. Sonia (who has an awesome voice) is hoping to get a band together and play some dancey, funky, poppy tunes together in clubs and stuff. It is something that I have thought about before, but just never known how to get into. Hopefully we will meet later in the week (we’ve only chatted on Yahoo) and then get this thing started!

We do still need a drummer and keyboardist though, so if any of you readers out there can play drums or keyboard and are looking for a gig, let me know!


Damn Mondays. I had a 9.45 meeting. Who the hell does that??
I still haven’t warmed up to being here today. Maybe blogging will be just the thing I need to kickstart my motivation…

Maybe not.

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