Happy Happy Joy Joy???

I’ve been a bit down on all the crappy news lately.
It always seems to happen when I watch, read or listen to too much Current Affairs.

There’s :
– The Earthquake
– Schapelle Corby
– Terry Schiavo
– Hessie’s death
– Schoolyard Bullying
– Interest Rates
– The Howard Government…
– The Eels LOSING! 😉

So, when I get tired of knowing what’s going on in the world, I turn to cartoons.
The Family Guy, Ren & Stimpy, Futurama and of course, The Simpsons.

Anyone who has Foxtel will know that you can pretty much turn on to a cartoon at any time of the day (especially with the Cartoon Network and Boomerang).

Sure, it’s mind-numbing chuckly fun, but sometimes it’s exactly what we need to forget about the crap that’s going on in the world.

Try it, next time you find yourself clenching your fists and grumbling at the state of our world.


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I've been around a while. I like to wrap myself around the warm security of the interwebs which have consumed me since 1993. I whinge, I rant, I crap on. Enjoy. View all posts by Mick

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