So, Easter is done and dusted for another year.
It’s a weird sort of holiday for us secular folks. It’s a couple of days off work, a bit of lying to the kids, and a crap load of food and chocolate.

Well, that’s how it has always worked with my family.

Back when I was little, my cousins and I would do the HUGE easter egg hunt on my Grandparents property, and when the baskets were full we would pile the motherload of all the chocolate into the middle of the floor and the divving up would begin.

Once our chocolate was portioned out, we would eat, and eat….and eat some more until we were so sick of chocolate that the rest of the haul would still be in the cupboard until Christmas.
But if there’s still chocolate left at next Easter, it really is time to throw it out!
My problem was that I used to ‘save’ my best eggs until I really wanted them, and then I’d forget about them and then when I finally remembered and wanted it, it would be all white and crumbling and disgusting. Not a good thing.

Having said that, I bope my kids get to experience the same thing. It’s definitely fun to get all the eggs and then eat them bit by bit over the following weeks/months.
Not only did they get a crap-load of Chocolate, but the meals that I’ve eaten the last 2 days have been enough to blow my marathon training out of the water.

And I can’t help grabbing another egg, every time I walk past the basket. It’s just instinct now! Help me! Move the basket!!

Ugh…I feel sick just thinking about it…

And you know what the problem is with all the chocolate? It’s usually really really crappy cheap chocolate that tastes like nothing resembling good chocolate, but for some reason you still eat it, and then eat some more….

Gee’s I’m glad Easter only happens once a year….


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