The Yanks and cricket. What a mix.

With thanks to Ang, I found this site discussing the latest ‘trend’ in San Francisco.
Or it could just be the latest trend to trash.

Apparently cricket is getting a bit of a following in the Bay Area and there is a decent write-up about it.

Most countries that don’t play cricket are very ignorant to it, and to how huge it is in some parts of the world.

Ok, sure, some matches are played over 5 days, and yeah, sure, there isn’t always a winner after that, and yeah, sure, sometimes it can feel like the game is going nowhere, and yeah, sure, the most excitement you get is usually at the end of the match, but it’s something about the culture of cricket that draws people into it.

I know that here in Australia, it’s all about the sun, the booze, the babes, the crowd and the cricketers. We also love sports we are good at, and Australia has been top of the heap for a good 6 years or so now.

All I can say to Americans who don’t understand the game and think it’s ‘crazy’ that you have to catch a hard ball without a mitt (shock, horror!), just come out to Australia, England, The Caribbean, New Zealand, India or Pakistan during a summer and you will catch on.


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