Drowned rat…

I park about 8-10 minutes walk away from work (because I’m a tight-arse and hate paying for parking), so this morning I had to walk through the wind and rain to get to work.

I don’t mind rain. I don’t mind wind, but put them together and it feels like I’m walking across Hyde Park in London in the middle of winter. My hands grip the umbrella (lovely blue ten-pin bowling one) tight and starts to ice up from the rain that’s penetrating under the eaves of the umbrella.

The main problem with all this? Summer only finished 3 weeks ago!! And it’s only going to get colder and wetter.
But thank god I don’t live in Melbourne where wind and rain is the norm. We can’t really complain too much about the sun we get in a Canberra winter.

I just wanna whinge now cause I’m cold and wet, and I can.


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