Regurgitator No More???

Just read this article about Quan from Regurgitator moving to Hong Kong. This is apparently old news, but I must have had my head in the sand!!

I have been worried about Regurgitator since their website disappeared about a month ago, and some of Quan’s blog entries have seen him lamenting being so far away from someone in Hong Kong.

It seems that the long distance has finally become too much and he is permanently moving.


I LOVE Regurgitator. I LOVE seeing them live. I LOVE their music.

How come he just go and leave the band like that??

Please come back….
Bring her with you, but just please come back eventually.

Now I will have to listen non-stop to their discography and get all sad about losing one of the best Aussie bands there has ever been…

AMENDMENT! According to this site, they are not breaking up! Quan is just moving there for a while. He will be back!!
I hope so. If anyone else finds out any more info, I’d love to hear it.


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