New Car Nerves

So, I pick up the new car this arvo.

A brand spanking new Black Honda Odyssey.
I am actually nervous about it.

I’m scared that I am going to drive it out of the lot and get collected by another car.
I’m scared that I’ll park it somewhere and some twat will whack their car door into the side.
I’m scared that one of the kids will throw up in it.
I’m scared that I’ll side-swipe a pole as I am parking
I’m scared that it’ll look like a pile of shit after the 5 year lease period.

But, hey. I can’t be scared forever, and I guess I’ll get used to the inevitable little scratches and marks. I just want it to look new forever!

I am going up to the footy tomorrow, to watch the Eels play the Tigers at Telstra Stadium, I am reaaaally looking forward to the footy season starting again, and especially seeing my team play. This will be the 4th year in a row that I’d have seen the opening Eels game and I’m pumped!

Just as long as we win 🙂

So, should I drive the new car up to Sydney tomorrow and :
a) risk the Sydney traffic
b) withold the new car from Fee and the kids
c) have to fork out petrol money cause I don’t have the fuel card yet.

or should I get a lift with my mate?

Too many decisions after 6 pieces of Turkish Pizza and a Heinekin!


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