Yow…it’s March

So, as the year kicks into March, and the Canberra thermometer already ignores anything 30+ , I start to ‘kick’ into another mode.

My body seems to really flow with the seasons. And my emotions seem to flow with them as well. I don’t know how it works, or why, but Autumn is a time of reflection, thoughtfulness and footy 🙂

I have so many things to do around the house, and maybe now is the time to actually do them, but then I look at the weekends coming up and there always seems to be something on and never enough time to do anything.
I really do think we should all campaign for 3 day weekends. That extra day would make such a difference. Everyone needs 2 days of relaxing at the end of the week, and then the Monday can be the home work day, where we all mow, paint, sand, weed, saw and clean. We can be bossed around by our brains (or our other halves) and whipped into shape with all those little tasks that you have been putting off.

I know I’m lazy. I think it’s something that’s been bred into me. I didn’t have to do too much when I was a kid. Sure I had the menial chores of setting the table, drying up or cleaning my room, but nothing too strenuous. After looking at the garbage dump that was my daughters bedroom on the weekend, I think it’s time to try and instill some of the ‘clean-up’ genes into her.
We installed a desk and popped a computer in her room on Sunday, (no Internet though.) The thing is, I can see that she will be getting up at a sparrows fart on a weekend and playing away on it. Which is not a big deal, cause she used to do it anyway (on mine), but with it in her room, she will lock her brothers out which they really won’t like.

It’s sometimes hard to try and balance our the ‘play together’ time and the ‘play alone’ time. At the moment, the 1yr old is desperate to play with his siblings or at least be around ANYONE ALL THE TIME. Fee is going crazy with this as he’s hanging off her 24/7. Either that or he is combative with his older brother (won’t be the last time I say that!) The 3yr old has changed a lot recently. It seems that turning 3 has sparked his imagination into overdrive and he is able to recreate scenes and imaginary worlds with his toys that are really impressive. This is encouraging, as it means he is happier to play by himself sometimes, which he may have to do more often until his little brother is old enough to participate in his games.
He didn’t seemed to have a very active imagination until now, where as ‘Miss 6’ has an overactive imagination! I guess we were just a bit premature in looking for it.

3 kids is enough. Let me tell you that now. There once was a time when I wanted 4 kids, and Fee and I actually agreed on it. Once we had 2. One of each. I was happy. I was done. But Fee was not. After a lot of discussion, we decided to have a third, and while I am glad that we did of course, it has been a lot harder than I thought. 3 kids suddenly means that there is one extra.

No more looking after one child each.
No more, “you push the pram, and I’ll take this one to the toilet”
No more getting the kids to bed by 8.30!

It seems to be more than 50% harder to have 3, than 2. So, 4, is just out of the question.

So, *snip snip*, I hear you say?
Not yet. Fee won’t let me!
I’m under 30, and need her permission before I can get the snip.
She’s not quite ready for that avenue to be fully closed yet.
I sort of understand, but also, sort of don’t.
I know that I don’t want any more kids. But I guess she is not 100% sure.
Not that I am looking forward to anything sharp coming within a metre of my goolies.


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