Ho hum…

Well. It wasn’t all bad. I mean Cate Blanchett won, and the first few awards went to nominees that I was rooting for, but then the night seemed to hit a very predictable vein, which I guess usually always happens, but it was a bit disappointing none-the-less.

Highlights for me included:

– Cate Blanchett’s win
– Chris Rock’s monologue
– The Incredibles win
– Antonia Banderes singing
– Salma Hayek.
– Morgan Freeman, his speech and his little wink to the camera.
– Robin Williams presenting.
– Adam Sandler presenting.
– The guy who sang in Spanish instead of a speech.

But there was hardly any spark. No real exciting or controversial moments. Jamie Foxx cried….again. Clint won…again.
I don’t understand why Scorcese lost….again. I mean, what does he have to do? What are they waiting for? Do they have something against him? Obviously the movie he did should have been made in 10 days to qualify. Oh..plus 2.2 Days for them to build the plane models. (Million Dollar Baby was apparently filmed in 37 days)

I mean, sure, I haven’t seen Million Dollar Baby, and yeah Clint is a nice guy, but was it really better than The Aviator? I guess it’s all subject to tastes, but shit, if Shakespeare in Love could win….

Check out the Full list of Winners.


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