Poms Pushover? Oh. Maybe not. We’ll have it! No? We can’t. But but but…

Those dickheads at Channel 9 have now turned around and said.

“But but but…we do want the Ashes really. We do, we do, we do!”


They had the chance originally to televise the 2005 Ashes Tour, but said that they couldn’t make a decision until 12 months out from the tour.

So, Fox Sports eagerly snapped it up, knowing it would be a good money-spinner for them having the exclusive rights to televise them.

Now the free-to-airs are claiming that Fox Sports were offered it first.


Ok, I have Fox so I don’t really care who shows the games, as long as I get to see them. A bit selfish, I know. It does suck that no free-to-air will show them (although ABC are still trying), but hopefully it will be a kick-arse series and then they will wake up to themselves.

England are looking as strong as the have for 10 years, so I think it may be fairly close.

I mean, 4-1 is closer than 5-0 😉


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