Tintin vs Asterix


There’s an excellent post at Troppo Armadillo about the contrasting values of the Tintin and Asterix books.

This subject really hits home for me, because they were the staple of my youth library experiences.

Like Sophie says, they are always the most borrowed books from the library. I remember having a hard time finding ones that I hadn’t read when I visited the school library, and then the Public Library was even worse!

Luckily now-a-days, I just have to go to my in-laws place to find every Asterix book ever made. But it’s Tintin that I really miss.

Like some of the comments on this post state, Asterix was the book you read when you just want some filler while you were eating lunch or on the loo. (a feast)
Tintin was the book that you actually picked up and read, front to back for the story. And it always kept you interested and reading. (A fine wine)

I loved the art of the Tintin books. The little mannerisms of the characters. The sound effects. The insults. The scenery. The international adventures.

But god help us all. Spielberg is talking about making movie versions of Tintin.
What… are you going to get TOM HANKS as your Tintin?? Shit…


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