The End of the Road?

If you’ve read my blog in the past, you may remember that I had some crazy notion about running the Canberra Marathon that is on in April this year.

It’s the sort of thing that would be a once in a lifetime acheivement (for me) and I was really excited about it at first.
6 months and 100’s of kilometres later, I am starting to wonder….

Why the fuck am I doing this again??

I enjoyed the runs at the start. The 5 or 6km runs where it was all new and I was pushing my body to do new things.

Now, if I do 10km+ I just get bored, sore and tired. And my motivation levels are very low at the moment. In the heat, what’s the last thing you wanna do?


So, I’ve decided this week is it.

There are 8 weeks till the marathon, and the guys that I have been training with have all been doing 25km+ the last few weeks. The longest I have done is about 13km. I will run this week starting with 12km tonight, and then another 12km on Wednesday and then 28km on Sunday.

If I can get through these runs and still want to do the marathon, then I will go for it.

If I do these runs (or don’t finish them) and feel like shit and like I couldn’t give a stuff if I ran another 100m, then that’s it. I stop.

I don’t know which I would rather.

I have gone pretty far and would feel bad stopping now, but then again, I have increased my fitness and endurance by what I have done already so it’s not like I’ve lost anything.

But once again, if I fail to do this I would only have myself and my motivation to blame. I’m good at doing things ‘half-arsed’. (note: Flaw No.4854)

Anyone got any words of motivation and encouragement??



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