Slow day…

Interesting to note that the number of hits to my site have been lower than usual today, and it gets me thinking that the superbowl might have been a good reason for that.

A large number of my hits (similar to others, I’m sure) are random google searches. And a large number of those are probably from the US, and of course what else are Americans doing on Super Sunday?

But, YAY! to the New England Patriots and congrats on the repeat. I was only really going for them cause my team, The Miami Dolphins, who only won 4 games all season, beat the Patriots on December 20 to notch their 3rd win of the season.

It was a sad sad season for the ‘phins, but I’m used to teams that I support playing like crap (see last post).

I see that is calling this a dynasty, now that they have won 2 in a row, (plus 2002). But I still hawk back to 1973, when the Dolphins beat the Redskins in Superbowl VII to record the one and only ‘perfect’ season in the NFL (17 wins. 0 losses). I wanna see someone beat that!! (well…not really, cause then they wouldn’t have the record..)


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