The Sporting transition begins…

So, another summer of cricket is complete, and as we stack the trophy up in our display cupboard to gather some dust till next year, we look forward to the next sporting challenge.

The VB Series always seems like a fate accompli to me. We didn’t ever really get threatened, and although we lost to the Paki’s in Perth just before the finals, we always seem to step up when we need to.

The good point to make was from Mark Taylor after we won the Final series 2-0 last night. We won 2-0, and we didn’t even play very well. That says something about Australia’s cricket dominance to me.

But later this year, we have the Ashes tour, and every 4 years it remains a sporting highlight for me. Luckily I have Foxtel, so I’ll be able to follow it on TV. It’s very unfortunate that no commercial (or non-commercial) channels have picked it up.

England claim to have their strongest side in years, but then again, they say that every time. It will be interesting to see how our batters stack up against their youthful and talented bowling lineup.

…but February brings the smell of grass, sweat and deep-heat. That’s right. The Footy season is just around the corner!

I love the anticipation to a new season of football. I get so excited at the chance to see how my team will go this year, and whether they can do better than last year!

I savour the chance to anticpate it so much, because as the season progresses and as my team starts to wane, my interest levels follow.
Don’t get me wrong, I will always watch Parra play and will always be going for them, but if I find that if they are little chance of making an impact in the season, I start to get apathetic and…well…tired.

But it’s the start! It’s the pre-season. Everything is new again, and I can’t wait.
I will hopefully be going up to the first Parramatta game of the season again (for the 3rd year running). They are playing the Wests Tigers at Telstra Stadium on the 12th of March.

So, as the Super-bowl kicks off, and the cricketers take a break, let’s all take a deep breath and scream….


PS – Yes..they lost to the Sharks in a trial on Saturday night, but I’m not worried 🙂


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