’stralia Day

Firstly. How bloody good is it to have a Wednesday as a Public Holiday?
I know some people would rather have the Monday or the Friday as a holiday so they can go away somewhere, but honestly, having the day in the middle of the week off just makes the week more bearable.

Look! We’re already into Thursday!

And the fact that it was Australia Day makes it even better.
I’ve noticed that lots of workmates have done the ‘Aussie’ thing and have taken the 2 days off around the public holiday to make the most of it and snag a 5 day weekend. Bloody Public Servants!

But yesterday was a good day. Good to have a day off which was hot and sunny, but good because:

– The cricket was on.
– The tennis was on.
– The Hottest 100 was on.
– The Big Day Out in Sydney was on.

Now, I wanted to go the BDO this year, but once again I failed miserably to find someone to go with and didn’t actually buy a ticket when I could have. There’s always 2006 I suppose!

But I enjoyed yesterday cause I invited a friend around for a scrumptious feed (thanks to Fee for an awesome spread!) and we listened to the Hottest 100 all afternoon, snorting and cheering at the various songs as they played.

The full list of songs revealed an interesting variety this year.
I was a little disappointed at the lack of any sort of good heavy music this year. In the past there’s been some Rage against the Machine, or Audioslave, or some nice heavy Grinspoon. But this year was mostly taken up by poppy, dancey, contemporary stuff.

I’m not complaining that much, cause there were some good songs, but just not as many really good songs as in past Hot 100’s.

I like ‘Take me Out’ but as usual, because it’s so popular, it’s been flogged to death by radio and tv alike. I preferred the No.2 song, ‘Scar’ by Missy Higgins. She had a huge year in 2005 and is an awesome talent (back in your box Delta).

The songs I voted for this year: (position it made in brackets)
godhopping – dogs die in hot cars (43)
the dark of the matinee – franz ferdinand (50)
hard act to follow – grinspoon (16)
scar – missy higgins (2)
my friend robot – regurgitator (52)
the drop – regurgitator (85)
push up – the freestylers (69)
somebody told me – the killers (4)
dry your eyes – the streets (19)
common people – william shatner (21)

They all got in the list (first time ever I think), so i was happy, but was disappointed that Regurgitator’s songs weren’t higher…

7 of the top 10 were Australian, which is a decent effort. Great to see Aussie songs dominate the overall list again, although the No.1 spot was taken by the Scots.

After cleaning up and settling the kids, it was time to watch some cricket/tennis.

Hewitt seemed to be cruising in his match at 2 sets to 0, so I watched Australia kick some butt in the cricket instead, and then started to flick back to the tennis more and more as Hewitt seemed to be losing it. Once again, he seemed to throw away a straight sets victory and make it hard for himself, but Nalbandian actually decided to start playing in the 3rd set and Hewitt’s hip flexor was giving him gyp.

So as Brett Lee demolished the Windies, and Lano & Woodley performed ‘The Island’(on the Comedy Channel), sets went to 2-2 in the tennis, and things were looking grim for Australia Day tennis (Molik had already lost a very tight game against the World’s No. 1).

The final set turned out to be an epic, lasting around 100 minutes, with the match ticking over 4 hours. It was tense stuff. Nalbandian had served first in the set, so Hewitt had to constantly hold serve to stay in the match. Nalbandian was having trouble holding his serve but Hewitt just couldn’t go in for the kill.

Finally at 8-8, Hewitt took the break and served it out in style. An excellent match, but it had to have taken a lot out of Lleyton coming into the big semi-final against Roddick. Looks like another epic on Friday night!

But a successful Australia Day, none-the-less and I flaked in bed ready to fight another day.


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