Pre-marital sex now legal in Virginia!



Saturday, January 15, 2005

Let’s all have unmarried but totally legal sex in Virginia!

Sex-starved singles in Virginia, rejoice! Today’s Washington Post reports that the state’s supreme Court has at last struck down an archaic law prohibiting the getting of it on between unmarried personages. IOW, straight people who haven’t taken vows can now do the humpty hump without having to fear The Man.

The full opinion is available on the VA Supreme Court website. In short: Virginia singles now have a right to Due Process under last year’s Supreme Court sodomy law decision — and that makes the Virginia law unconstitutional. The state’s anti-sodomy laws are still intact (limiting the sexual freedom of gay folks), but some believe a test case will soon follow, in an attempt to challenge that stature.

“I can’t say we’re pleased we made Virginia safe for fornication,” said Neil Kuchinsky, Martin’s attorney.
“Though some will thank me, I’m sure.’ ”


What Century do we live in again, that these laws can still exist??

Then again, it is just those crazy Americans….


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