Boy drowns at CISAC

Terrible news about the drowning at CISAC yesterday.

My 2 Year old has been in that pool many times as his sister has lessons there every week.
We have been avoiding the pool in the holidays though because it is so busy.
And it is not an easy pool to get around (the kids area) when it is busy. A lot of bodies squeezed into a small space makes it hard for parents and life-guards to keep track of everyone.

The life-guards have claimed that the layout of the pool makes it hard to see everyone.

A bit of a lame excuse, seeing as though when I have been there, they always position themselves so that someone is watching every section of the pool.

The worst fact about this is, ‘Where were the parents?’

Not only did they not watch their 2yr old, who most certainly would not have been able to swim un-assisted, in a busy pool. They weren’t even the ones who found him. 2 Teenage girls found him face first in the pool.

I know that I always have my eye on all my kids in the pool, if I’m not actually in there with them.

Sure, parents can say, “Oh..he’ll be ok for a few minutes”. But when there are that many bodies squished into one place, a 2yr old can be pretty small.


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