Monday Box

Last night was a good night to lounge in front of the box.
First of all there was the cricket match, which finished with a big win to the R.O.W team. The best part was the $14 1/2 Million Dollars that was raised for the Tsunami Appeal on the day. An absolutely awesome effort.

But in between the cricket there was South Park. What an awesome episode. Cartman tried to fly off a roof and ended up in a coma for a whole 2 days, (love the face warmer) and then 2 stupid cops decided he had psychic powers. Good old Cartman uses his ‘powers’ for evil and pisses all the other ‘psychic detectives’. This season has been brutally great.

Then of course there are repeats of John Safran’s Music Jamboree. Always great for a laugh, but cricket overruled last night.

Then you have Coupling. This show is Friends, minus the annoying Americanisms and actors, but with witty Pommy humour and classic storylines. The only downer it seems is that Jeff has left the show, replaced a suitablely boofy haired guy called Oliver. Oh well, at least the script writers seem to be the same.

After that you have The Office. Repeats of Season 2, but hey, they are still damn funny and last nights was definitely cringe-worthy as David welcomes the new staff members. I find myself hiding behind my fingers sometimes at just how socially inept he is.

And then, if you are into Queer as Folk, The West Wing and Alias, you could be up all night watching the shiny glowing thing in the corner!

I really should sleep more….


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