Bleary eyed.

I do it to myself really.

Every week or two I get a call from the Indoor Cricket Centre asking if I can umpire a couple of games for them this week.
I am not a regular any more, so I just wait for the phone call and if I can make it I will.

I thought I would help out last night cause it was the first day back and I hadn’t done it for a while.
Only problem is, the games run till 11 pm, or sometimes 10 or 15 past.
Bear in mind that if I am at home watching the box, I am usually asleep on the couch by 10.
So, there I am umpiring an Indoor cricket game, which requires pretty much constant attention for 3 hours+ and I hit the wall around 10 and started getting really tired.


What? Huh? Oh..Ummm…Not Out.

What?? Bullshit!!

Oh…ok then…OUT!

That’s crap!!

You can’t afford to get tired during a game. You miss shit. The ball becomes a blur. The run-outs become a guessing game. The No-ball and Wide calls become random.
And even if the batting team is on 34 runs, chasing a score of 185 with 2 overs to go, they always care about those damn wides.

So, the game finished. One team won by 90 odd runs and got all the skins, and I toddled off home.
And did I go to bed? Oh no. Not me.

The unfortunate fact is, that after umpiring I am always would up. Not matter how tired I was up in the chair, as soon as I’m finished, it takes a while for me to wind down.
So, I started playing with my new game. Football Manager 2005. This game is very cool and very very addictive.

Midnight came and went.

1am came…and went.

As 2am approached and my team is starting to wane under my management I decided that I MUST get to bed before the 2am barrier. 2:* always looks worse on the clock than 1:*.
The problem is that this game constantly beckons for ‘one more game’. Just one more!

So…I’m bleary eyed. It’s my fault, but hey..maybe I can find somewhere for a power nap later this arvo when I hit the wall at 3pm 🙂


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