My Daughter. The Mother.

So, my eldest, Mikayla, , turned 6 yesterday.

She got a crap load of presents from the family last night and of course, add that to the Gameboy she got in the morning, and I think she’d better be a damn good girl for a week or so!

Actually, it’s amazing how much she’s grown in a year. She used to be really scared/nervous with all the attention that her Birthday brings, but last night she relished it, dived in and spat it out and wanted more.

I guess this is just the beginning of her getting more confidence, and realising that when we laughing we’re not laughing at her….(all the time).

She also received a ‘Baby Born’ from her Granny, which she was dying to get. This damn doll does 8 functions! Sleeps, eats, shits, wees, moves, bathes, mulches, dices and defrosts! Pity it doesn’t mow the lawn for me.
She is carrying her around everywhere though. She has named her ‘Ellie’. I guess that means she won’t be mothering Aidan any more. Replaced by a doll!

Most of the toys and things she got for pressies seem to have 10 Million different little bits that I’m sure Aidan (1…nearly) will love to jam down his gullet. But hopefully (?) if he does they will come back out later…..



Only 1 1/2 days left of work, and then I’ll be playing the Annual Christmas Eve Golf Challenge, with a couple of my mates. Roll on the week of beer, merryment and cricket!

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