Which child will break a bone first….?

So, the poor little middle boy (3 in February) was jumping on the little trampoline last night after dinner.
He loves that thing. bouncing up and down like a little boy on a trampoline does.

The thing is, this tramp is pretty small. Probably the size of a bath…but a bit wider, and when he jumps he insists on waving to us and yelling, “Mummy, Daddy! Look at meeeee”. And meanwhile, we’re watching his feet getting closer and closer to the springs until…


His foot goes through the spring, his body falls foward over the bar..


But he’s ok. He whinges a little, cause his leg is stuck, and then gets up and again, and off he goes again. Jumpy Jumpy Jumpy…

I go over to move the tramp a little onto more steady ground, but he’s still standing on it, and as I move it, he falls over backwards, toppling onto the grass underneath…


He’s ok…he gets up and keeps Bouncing… Bouncy..Bouncy Bouncy.

I sit back down saying, “Ooopsy…luck his bones are bendy”
We watch him for a little while longer as he bouncy bouncy bounces and then he slips off, sliding through the corner bit of the trampoline, stands on the grass, raises his hands in the air triumphantly and says, “Da daaaaaaa”

We go “Yay!…..”

He bows. Like totally from the waist, bent over….bowing.

Then he goes to find his little wheelbarrow and do some ‘gardening’

Damn little bugger. He’s too cute.


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