When christmas shopping is just too much..

BREAKING NEWS: My wife went to the Mall today and just as she got there she saw a commotion going on down near the stage area of Belconnen Mall.
She saw someone she knew who was in the line waiting for Santa at the time and she said that someone jumped from the top floor and hit the ground just near the Santa setup down the bottom, only a few feet from where she was with her kids.

Bloody hell. That’s extreme, crazy and damn dangerous. I will have to watch the news when I get home. I mean, not only is something like that so public that it would effect anyone (especially if they fell on you) but imagine any children in that line who may have seen the body afterwards….

I heard of the same sort of thing happening at Westfield Parramatta a year or so ago, but that was higher than 3 stories. I could imagine that someone could even jump off the top story of Westfield Belconnen and not actually die….but damn that would hurt.


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