Off and racing…

So, I’m into my 2nd day of the new job, and so far it’s pretty quiet, but I already sense there is some disquiet amongst the co-workers.

It’s funny. Every workplace has its own pecking order, culture and ‘feel’ about it. So far, what I am getting here is that the contractors say they do all the work, whilst the permanents resent the fact the contractors are there doing their work which they’re not doing.

I dunno. Only 2nd day, but already reading into it a bit.

As far as the work goes, I haven’t actually done any yet, but I think that it could be a good challenge. Looking forward to learning some webby stuff (Java, Javascript, XML) whilst on the job and hoping I can use some of my Admin skills as well.

In other things, the ‘Blog-er-que’ didn’t quite happen for me on Sunday. Not sure if it happened for anyone actually, but hopefully something else may be lined up and I will make it!


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