Chrissy shopping..

Christmas is coming up too fast, and wifey is going crazy with the kid shopping thing.
She has written out lists of everything that she has brought for the kids, and now she is trying to match them all up to make sure that they both have the same amount of stuff (in both volume and cost).

I think she really enjoys this stuff, but my bank account doesn’t!

Christmas shopping is a strange beast. I haven’t really done it for a long time because our family decided not to exchange presents for adults any more (except parents), and wifey and I aren’t exchanging either, so I don’t have to go out and find presents for her, and she does most of the other shopping. (slack aren’t I).
But when I do go shopping with her and the kids like last Saturday, it’s just crazy. I am really hopeless shopper. I will look around every shop cumulating a list in my head of all the things I want to buy and their different prices.
Then I will go back and look again before finally mulling over in my head what I want to get na dif they’ll really like it and blah blah…

Yeah…I don’t shop like most normal males who pick up the first thing they see and buy it for their loved ones. (An antfarm for GrandMa, a Car cleaning kit for the kid, a book on fishing for the wife). I frustrate even myself when I shop cause of my indecisiveness.

That’s why I hardly ever go shopping with wifey and kids, cause she gets so annoyed at me not actually getting anything but spending hours wandering around…

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