Aaaah..the speeeeed.

Finally, I am connected. I have hit the millenium. I have Broadband.

Mind you. My house doesn’t have it. I sharing my neigbbours broadband connection via a wireless router. And damn, it works well! It is a Billion 463GE Modem/Router/Firewall/Hub. I have a wireless NIC in my PC and the router is in the room cloest to me in his house. I get a Very Good connection through the 2 walls and budda bing, budda boom. I am on.

It’s nice to be able to just download something and know that I will have it within a few minutes, rather than 30 minutes. Will be even better when we upgrade to 512kbps too 🙂

So…anyway, I’ve been slack. Haven’t blogged much. I am very slack, but I do have a pretty good excuse. I am in the last week of my job, before starting contracting next week. I have been busy organising crap for that, and also been busy with home and the kids.

The little brats have been getting brattier as this weather gets warmer. I think there’s a scale of brattiness that could be drawn up as it relates to the temperature. And soon all 3 brats will be home for 6 weeks. Scary…scary stuff.

For all your Canberra bloggers out there, there is going to be a bit of a BBQ, or Blogerque this coming Sunday at the Botanical Gardens. Zoe from Crazybrave (or is that crazybrace?) is setting it up.
I am hoping to make it with my brats, as well as to the Riotact get together in a couple of weeks.
It’s great to see that the blogging community of Canberra might be able to get together and see the fingers from the keyboards of some of our favourite Canberra blogs.

And yeah…i’ll start to blog a bit more once I settle into my contract. Blogging is a ‘Health’y thing 🙂

Oh..i guess I could blog from home too. Gee’s I’m slack…


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