She won. Yay.

Casey Donovan deserved to win Australian Idol.

Here’s why.

1) She can sing. I mean, REALLY sing. Sure she may hit the wrong notes occassionally, or try for something that is beyond her, but see Point 2.

2) She is 16. That’s the awesome thing about this. She has soo soooo far to go. She will have potential to be involved in so many musical adventures in her life, that Australian Idol will just be the tip of a very big iceberg.

3) Unlike Guy, she has a real quality about her. That is probably why she won. I think the thousands of people who voted for her (the majority of whom are teenage girls) could relate to her and could she their own dreams in what she was doing.

4) Her musical idol is Kurt Cobain. She never went in pretending that she was some musical prodigy, or aspirations to be a Gloria Estefan. Her musical tastes are metal, alternative and hard rock. Now, that’s what I’m talking about.

5) She had to win to stop that smarmy, plastic, boybandesque, crapper Anthony from winning. If he’d have won all we would have had to look forward to is a year of crappy US-style hip hop/R&B tracks that would have moulded into the rest of the junk coming from the US.

I’m not that big of an Idol fan in general (I was flicking between the finale and CSI/Cold Case), and I didn’t really care who won to be honest. But after seeing how much of Guy we have seen in the last year, I’m mostly glad that I won’t have to put up with seeing Anthony’s face on our TV screens quite as much as Casey’s.

Who else is interested in seeing what she’ll look like in 5 years?
WAY different I bet.


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