The Lake Stakes

As part of my marathon training, I have been doing some runs with my Brother-in-law, and some of his mates from work.

The whole idea has been to run the same course down along Lake Burley Griffin a number of times to get a handicap, and then once you’ve qualified, you run the course, starting at staggered times depending on your handicap, and then first past the post, wins.

It’s a 5.8km course from the Boat Hire place around to past the Yacht Club and back. A good little run with a small hill, some shade and some nice views.

I happened to the win the inaugural race a couple of weeks ago, but then I was handicapped to the shit and have found it tough going the last couple of weeks. (3rd in the last 2) But the good thing is that I have run a Personal Best every time I’ve run it. Even today in the heat I beat my time by 3 seconds.

September – 37.42
September – 34.46
September – 32.59
November – 30.49 (1st in Lake Stakes)
November – 30.31 (3rd)
November – 30.28 (3rd)

Didn’t run the course in October, but did some weekend runs instead and my times dropped dramatically.
I am planning on a 7km run this weekend around Lake Ginninderra, and soon I will do the 16km around the western side of Burley Griffin.

I think this marathon is going to be one of the toughest things I will ever do. And it’s not the physical side of it so much. It’s the mental side. While I’m running, even just 6km, the wussy part of my brain pops up now and then saying,

“Stop! Stop! What the hell do you think you’re doing??”

And then my crazy side says,

“It’s only a 30 minute run. You can do it, you pile of blubber you.”

And this continues….

I can’t imagine what the hell my brain will be saying on a 42km run. The way I am today I seriously don’t think I can make it, but there’s still a few months to go and I think I can work my way towards convincing the weenie side of my brain that it IS possible.


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