[Concert Review] Regurgitator – ANU

Regurgitator are back.

They have a new album out on Monday (recorded in 3 weeks in a bubble), called Mishmash, and that’s a perfect way to describe their music.

I have seen them 5 times live now, and every time they manage to blow me away.
The lineup has changed a little over the years. Gone is Martin (the oiriginal drummer), and the keyboardist (can’t remember his name).
In came Peter Kostic. It is his influence that has made the live gig gruntier, more rocking, and really fucking tight.

They started out with some classics, ‘F.S.O,’ ‘Sucked a lot’, ‘Black Bugs’ (nice version), and then played about 4 or 5 new tracks. The crowd reaction to the new songs seemed pretty good, although the slower “They like Metal in the Baltic States’ seemed to slow everyone down a little. Which was probably for the best cause I was buggered by that stage.

When ‘Hullabaloo’ kicked in with Ben and Quan jumping around the stage, the crowd was bouncing right along with them, and even though there was probably only a few hundred there, it was a very sweet moshpit and we made a bit of noise!

They returned for their first encore to an awesome rendition of ‘Kung Foo Sing’ (crowd requested), and their second encore started with a sweet rendition of ‘Superstraight’. So glad they came back for the 2nd encore cause they played their new single, ‘The Drop’ which I thought went off very well, and then rounded out the set with ‘C’mon’ and some more bouncing!

By this stage, the crowd was one big sweaty mess, and The Gurge were finished.

They NEVER fail to impress in a live gig, and even to a smallish crowd at the ANU Bar, no-one could leave this gig disappointed.

Me especially, cause I had a little chat with Ben, and got his and Quan’s autographs on my ‘Drop’ single ๐Ÿ™‚



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