[Review] AvP

I have been looking forward to this movie for a while. I mean…who wouldn’t?
2 excellent creations from 2 different movies streams, coming together in a fight to the death!

Ok…so maybe it all sounds a bit corny, but this movie is surprisingly corn-less.

No Arnie. No Danny Glover. No Ripley.

But we do get a good dose of Lance Hendriksen (look for the Alien reference near the start!) Most of the actors you would have never heard of, but they are basically cannon fodder for the Aliens and Predators as they try to get their ‘hunt’ underway.

There are some excellent action scenes of the 2 creatures at battle, but for me there weren’t enough. I think the humans get in the way of some awesome demonic fighting action. The slow-mo bits of the Predator in full flight are just awesome. (I suggest sitting back from the big screen to appreciate the fighting scenes!)

The story line originally seems a bit weak, but once the history is explained, it actually makes the movie more interesting, and the scenes involving the last remaining predator and the last remaining human are quite well done.

I think it’s worth seeing if you liked any of the preceding movies, but if not, then you probably won’t get into it.

3 1/2 Stars.


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