D-Day….Latham vs Howard

So, tomorrow is the big election day.

Before the last 2 elections I have said, “If I have to put up with Howard for another 3 years I am going to go crazy”

This time?

I am expecting him to win.


Cause I want to be fucking happy when Latham gets in.

VOTE LIBERALS LAST! That’s my motto 🙂

Even put the racists and homophobes before your Liberal candidate! (oh…actually they are the same thing…)

Vote for Howard, and you are going to hell! (isn’t that what the ‘Family First’ party is proposing?)

But, yes, we all know that we don’t actually VOTE for Howard or Latham (unless you’re in their electorate…), we vote for the little politician dweeb that is running in your area. And yes, they’re all the same….and none of them are working for you, or me. They’re working for the man.


There goes my disillusionment of this country again.

Why can’t there be more 18-30 year olds in this country? THEY’RE all smarter than the baby boomers combined!

Have a nice weekend


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