[Cricket] A new Michael to worship!

First there was Dean Jones, then came Michael Slater followed by Michael Bevan.

I now have a new favourite player.

Michael Clarke has hit the top of my cricketing charts (leapfrogging Glen McGrath) as my favourite current Australian cricketer.

His 151 on debut against India is the stuff that dreams are made of, and I want to be along for the ride with this guy throughout his career.

He has been likened to Doug Walters, which is a compliment in itself, but as you can tell I love players that go for their shots, especially in test matches! Some of the shots he was hitting off Anil Kumble yesterday were memorable.

I also love the fact that he won me $40. (I put $5 on him to be the 1st innings highest scorer at $8) 🙂

Here’s to many many more centuries from Australia’s newest cricketing legend, and the next big ‘Michael’ in Aussie cricket!


Now that I think of it, let’s give you a top 5 of my favourite current, and all-time Australian cricketers (that I have seen play)

1. Michael Clarke – Young. Westie. Powerful.
2. Glen McGrath – Old. Accurate. Passionate
3. Ricky Ponting – Larrikin. Easy-going. Punishing
4. Jason Gillespie – Fast. Hair. Nice guy.
5. Darren Lehmann – Boxhead. Old School. Strong

All-time (that I have seen in my life)
1. Michael Slater – My sons’ middle name is Slater. That speaks for itself. Legend.
2. Dean Jones – Awesome hitter. Made One Day cricket what it is today.
3. Merv Hughes – The definition of cricket is ‘Big Merv’. He played for the joy, passion and spirit that cricket is.
4. Michael Bevan – A Canberra lad, and his 4 off the last ball against the Windies is a moment I will never forget. (I was there!)
5. David Boon – The fact that a short stubby Aussie can be a great cricketer is something to admire…. So is downing 52 beers from Australia to England in a plane 😉

There we go. I like my cricketers to be from the old-school. I am sick of the god-fearing, regime loving cricketers of today. Give me a cricketer who smoked, drank and then went out to score a century, or take 5 wickets!


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