[NRL] The Grand Final

It’s all over. The Bulldogs are the champions for 2004.

Right until the opening kickoff I didn’t know who I wanted to win, but as the game continued, I realised I was clapping whenever the Roosters dropped the ball and booing when the Roosters scored.
It became obvious who I wanted to lose, and they did.

Don’t get me wrong. I hate…even despise the Bulldogs, especially as I am a Parramatta supporter, but when it came down to it, I would rather see the Roosters lose, than the Roosters win.

And it was almost heart-warming to see the new Bulldogs captain, ex-Eel Andrew Ryan, come up with the game winning tackle.

So, it’s all over for another year, and now we can look forward to the 2005 season. The year of the EEL!

(oh yeah, and I’ll probably not talk about footy so much in my blog now ;))


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